I spend some time each day walking our dogs or horses around where we live in our beautiful glen here in Scotland called Strathardle close to the village of Kirkmichael.


Whilst walking I collect things I use for my craftwork such as deer and sheep bones, feathers, pieces of fleece I find hanging off low tree branches or fencing, deer fur and any other interesting bits I come across. The bones are all from animals that have died in the wild.


A few things I buy in are beads, thread and cord to add a finishing touch to some of my pieces.


All the wooden pieces I cut, carve, shape and sand and usually beeswax them for colour and conditioning. I use spray paint to colour the bone pieces.


I would not recommend any of my pieces be left outside or hung in direct sunlight and this could diminish their look or cause splits.
All my pieces are made with love and all are unique. I hope you love them as much as I love making them.


FB group: Skullduggery Craftwork.