Skullduggery Crafts

Handmade country craftwork made from natural elements found at my scenic home in Perthshire, Scotland.

"For the vast majority of the year my raison d'etre and absolute passion in life is to teach people the joys of natural horsemanship. A way of learning that builds mutual trust and understanding between rider and horse and ultimately creates a special relationship that will last a lifetime.

But at the end of the teaching season, when temperatures drop during Scotland's famously harsh Winter months, I spend much of my daylight hours riding my horses and walking my dogs in the wild, windswept, open spaces of Perthshire. It's during this time that I comb the forests, heaths and loch sides collecting unusual items that I can craft into pieces that reflect Mother Nature at her absolute best and most creative.

The crafts shown here include wood, deer and sheep skulls, bird skulls and antlers. All together creating an exclusive range of natural mobiles and arrangements that are as individual as the materials they're crafted from.

I hope you enjoy my Collection. If you would like to purchase one or more of my items, please feel free to contact me." Shelley.

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